The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Genre: Fantasy/Romance
Director: David Slade
Stars: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner

Twilight is still at the kissing stage, and a bad case of “bite-us interruptus” is starting to take hold.

As with most third instalments of a franchise, Eclipse suffers from an excess of characters and dialogue and a surfeit of real plot changes, even with Hard Candy’s sharp-eyed David Slade at the helm.


Much of the ludicrously florid dialogue (“I’m going to fight for you until your heart stops beating … and maybe beyond”) causes unintentional fits of laughter.

But you can’t really blame Slade or the movie for staying true to the book — fans demand it — and Stephanie Meyer’s overripe novel is more of a wheel-spinner than a page-turner. This latest screen adaptation should satisfy the rabid faithful even while leaving viewers not born female in the 1990s more mystified than ever.

Moody Bella (Kristen Stewart) is still dithering over whether she loves her brooding vampire beau Edward (Robert Pattinson) or her jealous werewolf suitor Jacob (Taylor Lautner). She’s causing both the terminally square Edward and the shirtless Jacob to go more than a little squirrelly.