Seven-year-old makes own ‘Earth Dolls’



robin kuniski/for metro calgary


Preserving the environment is serious business for seven-year-old Akaysha of Cochrane and her efforts have garnered consideration for a national environmental award — after winning a regional Sunlight Eco-Kids Action award earlier this year.


While most little girls ask for the world, this one is trying to save the world — one piece of cardboard at a time.

At seven years old, Akaysha knows the importance of reduce, reuse, recycle, and her environmental efforts have garnered national recognition and a regional award.

Akaysha’s mother, Kelsey Envik, entered her daughter into the Sunlight Eco-Action Kids, and was pleasantly surprised when Akaysha’s entry won the regional award.

"She is just so passionate about the environment — even more than us, I think," the proud mom told Metro.

While the Enviks raised their daughter in an environmentally friendly house — recycling papers and bottles and buying second-hand clothes — their daughter took it one step further.

"She makes her own dolls out of materials, she recycles cards and envelopes, and even stickers," Envik said.

And don’t even get Akaysha started on why recycling isn’t enough.

"People need to shop less," she explained. "Because that causes more trucks to drive and more factories to give off fumes."

Akaysha builds her own "Earth Dolls" instead of buying Barbies and other toys. Each toy takes about three hours and is made from old scarves and pillow stuffing.

"It’s a lot of fun to make and I have a lot of them," Akaysha said.

The Sunlight Eco-Action Kids contest started with 272 submissions from across Canada, and Akaysha, who lives in Cochrane, is now one of only 18 finalists vying for the top prize.

The winner will receive $1,000 in cash for themselves and another $1,000 to donate to an environmental charity of their choice.


  • After winning the regional award, Akaysha is a finalist for the national competition. The contest winners will be announced on April 8. For more information please visit