Jane Harris, 19, of Australia shares her thoughts on making the world a better place.

Q- What do you believe are the biggest challenges for women and girls in your country?

A- One in three Australian women will be a victim of physical violence in her lifetime.

To deal with this problem, leaders should measure, protect, prevent and support. ... Leaders can implement laws to protect victims and the Australian government has agreed to work with the family law sector to improve handling of domestic violence cases.

Q- What do you do to help the lives of girls and women in your community, your country?

A- I have been a Girl Guide for the last 15 years. I have recently submitted a project plan to align Girl Guides Australia with the Fair Trade movement.

Q- How do you think we can improve maternal health worldwide?

A- The primary approach for improving maternal health worldwide has to be promotion of effective partnerships to enable a targeted and efficient approach to aid.

The UN has split improvement of maternal health into two targets: Reduce maternal mortality and achieve universal access to reproductive health. Currently, in the World Health Organization regions of Africa and South-East Asia less than half of births are attended by a skilled professional ...

Effective partnerships will facilitate training to enable women worldwide to receive skilled care.

Q- How can we eradicate extreme poverty and hunger worldwide?

A- Economic growth is the most effective way to reduce world poverty. The latest UN update on the World Economic Situation and Prospects records that overall in 2010 there has been global growth.

Though this growth is weak, uneven across countries and does not eliminate the recessionary output gap caused by the economic downturn, the focus in terms of eradicating poverty should now be turned to reversing the damage done by the financial crisis.

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