Haligonians have a rosy outlook on the municipality’s economy and future, according to the CityThink survey.

Forty-nine per cent of respondents in the survey rated HRM’s economy as “good.” Another 35 per cent felt the economy was “fair,” while six per cent considered it “excellent.”

The survey, conducted by Bristol Omnifacts Research for Metro Halifax and the Greater Halifax Partnership, also found the vast majority — 89 per cent — felt the city’s economy would perform as well or better next year.

Craig Wight, vice-president of Bristol Omnifacts Research, said the responses are encouraging given the economic climate of the past two years.

“Given the two years we’ve come out of, you might expect a different reaction,” he said.

“The fact that people are saying, ‘Hey, we’re not doing’ and ‘I think we’re going to do better ... is encouraging.”

Wight said the positive outlook may stem from Atlantic Canada coming through the global recession relatively unscathed.

“Not that we were unaffected, of course, everybody was affected. But not so severely,” he said.

Of the 500 people surveyed, 67 per cent felt the economic growth that has taken place the past decade has been “good” for HRM.

Another 25 per cent said it was neither good nor bad for the municipality.

“People understand that the growth that has occurred has been positive, useful for the city,” said Fred Morley, senior vice-president of the Greater Halifax Partnership.

Morley said he wasn’t surprised people think growth has benefited Halifax. He said people perceive a connection between economic growth and the vibrancy of their communities.

“That’s what’s coming through here. People get that a vibrant, growing community is important to them,” said Morley.

CityThink sampled 500 residents of HRM last month, and the survey carries a margin of error of 4.4 per cent, 19 times out of 20.

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