The worldwide economic meltdown won’t keep motorcycle enthusiasts from buying more toys, say organizers behind this weekend’s Edmonton Motorcycle Show.

Organizers say the show reached record numbers in Toronto, a part of Canada where the economic downturn has hit hard.

And in Calgary, attendance numbers over last weekend were more than what was seen last year, something that was a surprise for show manager Laurie Paetz.

“It looks like there are still a lot of people who are adjusting their budgets so they can still enjoy the toys that they have been used to having,” said Paetz.

“The motorcycle industry, I think, will see less of an (economic) impact than what’s seen in other industries.”

The show, which begins Friday and wraps up on Sunday, will showcase the latest from more than 30 manufacturers of motorcycles, scooters and off-road vehicles at the Northlands Agricom.

Paetz says the show is in it’s eighth year in Edmonton and each year it continues to get bigger.

“In Northern Alberta, people enjoy the outdoors, the lifestyle and freedom that riding has to offer,” said Paetz. “Let’s face it, we love our toys.”

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