As a new poll shows the Liberals closing in on the Conservatives, Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff continued his focus on the economy with a series of proposals to boost job creation for youth and other Canadians.

Public support for Stephen Harper’s Conservatives is still eroding amid Canadians’ opposition to the prime minister’s decision to temporarily suspend Parliament, an Angus Reid-Toronto Star poll indicated.

The Conservatives stand at 33 per cent among decided voters, down slightly from mid-January, while the Liberals are a close second at 29 per cent support. The NDP is at 19 per cent, the Bloc Québécois is at 10 per cent, and the Green party, seven per cent.

To emphasize the fact the House of Commons chamber is off limits to MPs, Ignatieff has brought his caucus to Parliament Hill for hearings and discussions on the economy and other issues.

He criticized Harper for talking about post-recession policies while Canadians are still facing long jobless lines, with 320,000 jobs having disappeared since late 2008.

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