The Car Squatter, the Gay Pirate, the Cross-Eyed Magician, the Sleeping Pill -- are these characters all part of a bad "Saturday Night Live" sketch? No. These are the nicknames that belong to some of the worst men author Eddie Campbell has ever dated. The Los Angeles native has had so many terrible and extreme experiences that he's recently compiled them into a book: "44 Horrible Dates."

Campbell's hilarious look at dating in L.A. is rife with oddballs -- from the guy who showed up to a date hopped up on cocaine to the one who wanted to put some groceries to use in the bedroom. Is Campbell a magnet for crazy? Given reader response to his memoirs, he doesn't think so.

"You can be the college-educated person, have a great life, love your family -- all that stuff can be in place, and you can still meet a--holes," Campbell says. "I know so many gorgeous, beautiful, smart women who keep just meeting d-- after d-- after d--."

But he says all those terrible dates have helped him to avoid future disasters.


"It's a good lesson for everyone because when you're younger, you're a lot less judgmental about who you might go on a date with," says Campbell. "As you get older, and you're still single, you start breaking down what you're willing to put up with. It's not being overly picky, but it's knowing what's right for you."

Campbell stresses that one of the best ways to avoid the pitfalls he's experienced with say, Nightmare on Vegan Street, is to take some time to evaluate your potential date before agreeing to spend time with them.

"Talk longer on the phone, get out a few questions," Campbell says. "I've actually been on dates where you're so bored you're thinking about separating your darks from your whites and what you're doing for the next day. Don't place yourself in that scenario."

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