They shoot, they score.

Hoping to become a pillar in the community while creating a legacy, Edge School is celebrating the opening of its new campus just outside of the city limits in the west.

Brent Devost, founder and president of Edge School, a high school that offers an education along with a focus on athletic pursuits, said the new campus will not only provide athletes with a world class school to attend, but also provide the community with a multi-use facility.

“Its unique in the fact that it’s a sports school, but flip it around and from five until midnight folks and families can use it,” he said. “It’s a really great opportunity for the family and they don’t have to drive into the city.”

Devost said there will be chances for people to take classes, programs and even physiotherapy.
“We’re just really proud we’re able to offer such a great facility,” he added.

Metro is the exclusive print sponsor of the event and will be attending the two-day Edgestravaganza and speaking with Edge School alumni Thomas Hickey, captain of the 2009 Canadian World Junior hockey team and Pat Quinn, legendary NHL hockey coach.

Devost is inviting the public out for free activities to celebrate the opening on Saturday. For more information visit

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