GUANTANAMO BAY, Cuba - Convicted war criminal Omar Khadr made the following statements in court, some in response to questions from his lawyer. Here is an edited transcript:

My name is Omar Khadr.

I'm 24 years old. I finished 8th Grade. My hobbies are sports and reading.

I decided to plead guilty to take responsibility for the acts I've done.


Firstly, I lost my sight in my left eye. And my right eye was severely wounded. I still experience problems with my right eye. I have a cataract and shrapnel. I've been notified by medical staff that I might lose my vision from my injuries.

I was shot twice in my back. Once in my left shoulder, another in my back and they both exited from my chest.


Oh, that's my biggest dream and biggest wish to get out of this place. Because, being in this place, I've really known and understood the wonders and beauties of life I haven't experienced before. I would really like to have a chance to experience these things.

The first thing is school and knowledge, have a chance to have true relationships, an experience I've never had in my life. And almost everything else in life.

Education is knowledge and I have a fascination with knowledge. I just feel it's something beautiful to understand and know and have a sense of everything in life.


The most important thing that I wish for is being a doctor of medicine. That's because, me personally, I've experienced from my injuries physical pain and I've experienced like emotional pains. I know what pain means. I'd really love to relieve a person who is suffering from such pain.

During my time here, as Nelson Mandela says, in prison, the most thing you have is time to think about things. I've had a lot of time to think about things. I came to a conclusion that hate, first thing is, you're not going to gain anything with hate. Second thing, it's more destructive than it's constructive. Third thing: I came to a conclusion that love and forgiveness are more constructive and will bring people together and will give them understanding and will solve a lot of problems.

(Standing, to Tabitha Speer):

"I'm really really sorry for the pain I've caused you and your family. I wish I could something that would take this pain away from you.

This is all I can say.

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