EDMONTON - RCMP and Edmonton police say they have made a major
organized crime bust involving prohibited weapons and the sale of 120
kilograms of cocaine.


Police say they've arrested four people
involved in a crime group called “The Family”, seized 4.7 kilograms of
cocaine and 30 firearms, including assault-style rifles.


Officers also confiscated hashish, marijuana, magic mushrooms, $275,000 cash, three cars and two boats.


Police allege that much of the cocaine was sold in Alberta, B.C. and Saskatchewan in the past 18 months.

Four men face criminal organization, drug trafficking, weapons, and conspiracy charges and have been remanded in custody.

Dahlman, 31, and Daniel James Hunter, 30, are to appear in Edmonton
court on Sept. 28 while Jeffrey Kennett, 27, and Alfred Man, 27, are to
appear on Nov. 23.