Canada’s border patrol in Coutts, Alta., made a major find after
stopping an Edmonton area-man who was driving back into Alberta from
Montana Jan. 3.

The Canada Border Services Agency said Thursday
its officers at the border crossing seized 10 semi-automatic handguns,
including one semi-automatic machine gun, 11 high-capacity magazines
and 300 rounds of ammunition found in the vehicle.

All of the firearms and the ammunition were found behind the panels of the vehicle, said the agency.


Adrian Le Mon Barnes, 30, was arrested and turned over by the agency to the RCMP in Lethbridge.

is facing 45 firearm-related charges, including possession of firearms
for the purpose of trafficking and unauthorized importation of

He is expected to appear in court in Lethbridge Jan. 28.

Patrick Webb, a spokesman with the RCMP, said Barnes is from a rural
area west of Edmonton and could not comment on whether or not he’s
known to police.

Border patrol guards have seized more than 400 firearms in the last five years, said the border services agency.

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