Conservative member of Parliament Peter Goldring (Edmonton East) says he’s the victim of what amounts to identity theft and has no idea how to stop it.

Goldring says someone is sending out mass e-mails under his website address and the moniker “Canada needs change.”

He says the impersonator has sent three separate e-mails making it appear as though Goldring is promoting an anti-government stance.


One e-mail, which contains spelling and punctuation errors, states that fluoride is a harmful toxin and the government puts it in your water.

An attached manifesto goes into great detail about how fluoride is linked to the dawning of the nuclear age.

The other two e-mails, which also contain errors, proclaim opposition to three bills in parliament, including Bill C-27, which, ironically is known as the identity theft law.

“This is a little disturbing,” Goldring said Sunday. “Someone is using my name, I suppose, to build support for these issues.”

“Who knows what’s going to be the next one? I hope they don’t pop up with my opinion on abortion or something.”

Goldring isn’t certain how many people are on this mailing list, but he suspects it reaches across Alberta.

“Someone is using my name and putting words in my mouth,” he said.

The veteran politician has gone to Parliament security, but says he was told nothing could be done.

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