Whether shopping on Whyte Avenue or stopping to smell the flowers at the Muttart Conservatory, mothers in Edmonton are unanimous about what kind of Mother’s Day they want: Relaxing.

“We are going through the shops and having coffee,” said Angela Thibault, shopping on Whyte with her son.

“Then we’ll be doing dinner a bit later, and meeting my mother, so it’ll be nice to just relax today.

“I don’t know what gifts I’ll be getting yet, but I know they are made at my son’s school, so that should be nice.”

Mother’s Day — Blooms, Bears and Butterflies was the event held at the Muttart Conservatory yesterday and by 2 p.m. there was a lineup to get in that stretched out onto the street.

“I just read in the paper yesterday that this is going on and I thought it would be a good day,” said Amy Fabella about coming to the Muttart Conservatory.

“I really was just planning on having a relaxing day with my daughter and even though my husband has got some work to do it will be a good time to spend with my mom.

“I haven’t been here in about 10 years, so I’d like to check out the flowers, and show my daughter who I’m sure would love to smell them all.

“My mom is meeting us here so I’m sure she’ll love to tell me the names of all the flowers.”

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