For the fifth time, Red Bull will create mayhem in the streets for its Crashed Ice competition in Quebec City.

And Edmonton’s Gabriel Andre said he’ll hurl himself down a Nascar-like sheet of snow and ice mainly for fun and the sport.

In the event, over 100 competitors from around the world strap on skates and race down manmade tracks set up within urban areas worldwide. The first stop was Munich, Germany, where Andre placed second.

“It’s pretty wild ... It’s like being on rollerblades and burning down the streets at crazy speeds,” said Andre, a three-year veteran of the race. “You just kind of focus on not falling. If you fall, you’re done.”

Edmonton’s fastest racer qualified to compete for the top prize at the second race in Quebec City on March 20.

Better known as the fastest sport on skates, the $10,000 grand-prize winner will be determined by adding up points obtained at both races.

Quebec City’s track is a fearsome, winding 565-metre-long sheet of ice that will force racers to reach speeds up to 50 km/h downhill.

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