“You can have the best windows in the world, but with poor installation, they’re just no good.”



The purchase of a new home is a time-consuming but exciting process. For a new home buyer, windows are the eyes to a home. Windows give the outside world a glimpse of the inside and define the home with individuality. The outside appearance is naturally correlated with the owner’s personality and style of living. Windows are important in protecting, enhancing and showing off the home.


Windows play two distinctively different yet simultaneous roles; they contribute to the aesthetic design and the thermal/ventilation of the home. Windows play a role in numerous aesthetical aspects; they make a smaller space seemingly larger, provide natural illumination, and varying shapes and sizes allows for flexibility in architectural design. Perhaps the most important is natural illumination as it creates a bright and welcoming home, enhancing its aesthetic design.


A home with numerous windows will be that much brighter and require significantly less day and night time indoor lighting. Also, the more windows in a home the better airflow it will receive. Better airflow allows for a healthier living environment and natural cooling. There’s nothing better than a breath of fresh air.

Concord Windows Store offers a vast selection of windows that not only draw out the aesthetic aspects of a home but are guaranteed in quality installation.

“You can have the best windows in the world, but with poor installation, they’re just no good,” says Tony Buckland, an expert in window installation. He explains that with poor installation, a home will succumb to “windows that don’t work properly, water leaks, breezes, and eventually the glass may crack.”

Today’s homebuyers are exposed to numerous types of window framing, including but not limited to wooden, vinyl and aluminum. First-time homebuyers often choose the least expensive option which is vinyl. This money-saving decision does not decrease energy efficiency and meets all standards. However, for the environmentally concerned homebuyer, wood is the better option.

“Wood tends to be better than vinyl as it doesn’t crack and it breathes,” Buckland points out.

With energy efficiency a consistent concern to the public, windows in today’s residential markets have seen changes. The change to spray foam insulation, which seals from breezes and gaps, from the glass fibre pink insulation has increased energy efficiency, Buckland says. The better the insulation, the lower cost of heating the home will incur.

Buyers will be wary of their financial situation, but should be as informed as possible of all of options that weigh on the energy efficiency, security and protection of your home.