Even people who are surrounded by multiples everyday were struck by news a woman in Southern California has given birth to octuplets.

The six boys and two girls were born Monday, arriving nine weeks premature, and ranging in weight from one pound, eight ounces, to three pounds, four ounces.

Vida and David Asuama of Toronto have their hands full with seven-year-old twin boys, Jeffrey and Justin, and three-year-old triplets, Joel, Jeremy and Jason.

“Eight?’’ said Vida in disbelief when she heard about the unidentified woman in California, and pondered the work that lies ahead. “It’s hard, but they have to try their best,’’ she said.

“It’s very good because it’s fun, but they have to pray a lot, too. Because you can’t do everything by yourself.’’

The octuplets were all breathing on their own yesterday. Three of the babies were still receiving supplemental oxygen, but were inhaling and exhaling on their own. Five have begun feedings on donated breast milk through tubes.