Vancouver firefighters yesterday were presented with the flag of the National Fire Service of El Salvador, given to the city as thanks for donating fire engines, gear and training to the small Central American country.

Rosa Elena Moreno, consul general of El Salvador, presented the thank-you gift to Vancouver fire Chief Ray Holdgate outside Fire Hall 1.

Five firefighters recently spent 10 days in El Salvador to give three much-needed decommissioned engines, 101 sets of protective clothing and a set of the Jaws of Life.


“This is like a long-distance relationship that came together finally,” said Morena. “Every time I talked to the (fire) chief in El Salvador he was so excited.”

Firefighter Brian Hutchison said the success of the project has motivated the department to continue offering similar international aid.

“We were welcomed and treated like VIPs (in El Salvador),” he said.

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