“Our mandate goes to November 2009, but I can tell you … We’ll have an election before that.”



Premier Ed Stelmach is remaining tight-lipped about when he’ll call an election, even though he’s already appointed campaign chairmen and recently announced over $1 billion in projects.


When asked yesterday if he’s considering a fall election, he simply beamed a smile to reporters before explaining that the decision remains his prerogative.


“Our mandate goes to November 2009, but I can tell you we won’t got until November 2009,” he said. “We’ll have an election before that.”

Rumours of a fall election began swirling when a series of large-scale funding announcements started flowing out of the premier’s office.

The Tory loss of a key byelection in Calgary, followed by poor showings in the polls, also led to speculation that Stelmach would call a snap election, but he’s still refusing to confirm or deny when it could happen.

Stelmach has committed at least a billion dollars to provincial projects in the past month, including yesterday's $12 million top-up to build the Art Gallery of Alberta.