Organizers behind Fight HST are confident Elections B.C. will today verify that the group has signed up 10 per cent of voters in each provincial riding in their battle against the new tax.

“I don’t expect anything other than a positive result,” Bill Vander Zalm said. “We were told from the outset ... that if they found a constituency that didn’t meet the required numbers they would quit the count and call it a day.”

Fight HST claimed to have gathered more than 700,000 signatures calling for the extinguishment of the 12 per cent HST.

Elections B.C. hired 60 people to verify the signatures and have until 4:30 p.m. today to respond to the petition.

Premier Gordon Campbell said Monday, if it was successful, the initiative would go before a parliamentary committee.

Vander Zalm predicts the government will stall the process and plans to target Liberal MLAs with recall if the issue isn’t dealt with by mid-November.