Few Nova Scotians vote by write-in ballot but the option is available in the upcoming provincial election.

Elections Nova Scotia’s website says 2,980 electors voted by write-in ballot in the 2006 general election, compared to 2,782 in 2003.

Dana Doiron, a spokesperson for Elections Nova Scotia, said the number represents less than one per cent of ballots cast, compared to federal elections, where the number may be closer to six per cent.


Doiron suggested until electronic voting becomes a reality in Nova Scotia, which will happen eventually, the popularity of write-in ballots will probably increase.

Elections Nova Scotia has set write-in ballot deadlines of May 27 in person, May 30 by mail and June 6 by agent on each date by 8 p.m.

Doiron notes every qualified elector in the upcoming June 9 election may vote by write-in ballot although they first have to apply using a form available at returning offices, by mail from Elections Nova Scotia or by download from the Elections Nova Scotia website at electionsnovascotia.ns.ca.

Doiron said write-in ballots have typically been used by members of the Canadian Forces who are serving somewhere away from their home constituency.

He suggested write-in ballots might also appeal to people working out west but still eligible to vote in a Nova Scotia election.

Voters who want to cast write-in ballots can also appoint an agent who can pick up and deliver a voting kit.

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