Re: Ellison sentenced to house arrest.


I was a 24-year-old in 1969 teaching attractive Grade 12 girls at Princess Margaret High School in Newton. I therefore felt considerable connection with the issues raised in the Tom Ellison trial. But it never occurred to me back then to use my power as the kids’ mentor to seduce them other than to the fun and challenge inherent in ideas, thought and reflection. If people doubt whether Ellison truly “gets it” or not, his ultimate plea to the court reveals all. He claims to apologize “if” he caused harm to those vulnerable teens under his influence. What? No apology or recognition “that” he caused them immeasurable harm?


Meanwhile, his defence lawyer whines and snuffles that Ellison wears a “scarlet letter” of shame due to society’s outcry against his ugly self-indulgences.


No, any scarlet letter worn by Ellison over his public torment for the crimes he committed he has tattooed on his own forehead.