Newcomer Mable Elmore was voted in as the NDP’s candidate for the Vancouver-Kensington riding yesterday, beating out former B.C. Teachers’ Federation president Jinny Sims for the win.

From the 441 people who showed up to cast their ballot, Sims received 189 votes and Elmore took in 252.

Elmore will be replacing retiring NDP MLA David Chudnovsky.

“I look to bring young energy and vigour to the NDP,” Elmore said.

Despite losing to Elmore, Sims had only kind words to say.

“I don’t look at this as a loss, because we’re still going to crush Gordon Campbell’s Liberals,” Sims said.

Elmore brought in more than 600 new members to the NDP during her campaign. Meanwhile, Sims brought in more than 500.

Elmore will be pitted against the Liberals’ Syrus Lee and the Green party’s Doug Warkentin in the upcoming election.

“I look forward to being your new MLA and I will see you in May,” Elmore said.