From glass vases to decorative pillows, all that glitters is green when it comes to the shimmering model suite at The Emerald, Pemberton Group’s newest condo in Richmond Hill.

Drawing inspiration from the condominium’s gemstone moniker, designer Flora Di Menna pulled together a youthful living space characterized by rich greens and adventurous furniture choices.

“It’s a contemporary design with lots of golden greens, caramel and cream,” said Di Menna of Flora Di Menna Designs Inc. Orange and brown accents are strategically placed throughout the suite to tie the bold colour palette together.

The focal point of the open-concept living area is an undulating double-chaise with a sliding glass tray.

“The chaise is put in the middle so there’s the option to sit and relax on your own but you’re still close enough to join a group conversation,” said Di Menna.

Built low and covered in green upholstery, the piece is eye-catching but doesn’t obstruct the rest of the room. Also keeping sightlines open are two subtle glass coffee tables.

For an added touch of whimsy, a star-shaped mirror rests on a wall above one of the glass tables. The mirror reflects the image of a buttery-yellow sofa sitting nearby. Directly in front of the leather two-seater, modern glass vases sit on the other table.

“All these accessories add a little bit of interest and variety. They should catch your eye, not overwhelm or create too much excitement in the room,” said Di Menna who chose an abstract brown rug to tie the vibrant spectrum of colours together.

Other notable features include a decorative folding screen and dark wood cabinetry.

Suites at The Emerald range from 625 to 960 square feet, starting from $199,500. The sales centre is on the northeast corner of Red Maple Road and Hwy. 7. Call 905-709-5700.

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