Those at the seventh annual "Sirens for Life Blood Donor Challenge" know that one blood donation can improve or save up to three lives. That's why EMS, fire and police personnel eagerly rolled up their sleeves to give blood.

The month-long campaign challenges Calgary's tri-services to give more blood than their Edmonton counterparts, who have won this blood battle the last two years.

"In this field, we deal with people all the time who are in need of blood, so we understand the situation and there's always a need from the Canadian Blood Service," said Paramedic Larrry Mark.


Right now, there is a need for 90,000 new blood donors. Canadian Blood Services' hopes to collect 5,500 units of blood in Calgary between now and the end of January, and also educate many on the topic of eligibility. Although half of Canadians are eligible to give blood, only one in 60 donate.

To check with a registered nurse to see if you're eligible, or for more information on blood donation, call 1-888-2-DONATE

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