Vancouver’s self-styled Prince of Pot says his new neighbours behind the bars of a U.S. prison are impressed by a photo of him with celebrity pothead Tommy Chong.

Marc Emery, who was deported last month and pleaded guilty to charges related to his Vancouver-based seed-selling business, has been blogging about his life in a detention centre near Seattle while he awaits sentencing.

The latest entry says “the guys” are impressed with photos of him posing with Tommy Chong — half of the comedy duo Cheech and Chong — as well as rockers ZZ Top and reggae musician Sean Paul.

Emery offers a relatively positive description of life in FDC SeaTac, describing the food as “tasty” and saying he prefers the U.S. facility to the pre-trial jail where he was kept near Vancouver.

The Canadian marijuana activist also describes some of the inmates he’s met while behind bars, including a 63-year-old Vietnam veteran named Robert.

Emery says he has written a profile on Robert and the troubles he’s faced since returning from the war, and he eventually wants to turn the man’s story into a short novel.