The largest proportion of students in Emily Carr’s voting history turned out to vote in the school’s U-Pass referendum last week.

More than 60 per cent of Emily Carr students came out to vote between Oct. 25 and 28, and 98 per cent of them said yes to the U-Pass.

“The student response was overwhelmingly positive,” said Samantha Lefort, chairperson of the Emily Carr Students’ Union, adding students were glad to have the affordable transit option.

Nimmi Takkar, B.C. chairperson of the Canadian Federation of Students and a longtime advocate of the U-Pass, said it will save students $50 per month off the regular price of a transit pass.

That means “more food on the table and eight less hours of minimum wage work per month,” said Takkar. That’s eight hours students can dedicate to their studies, she added.

The student unions at Douglas College and Vancouver Community College will be following suit soon.

VCC will hold their referendum on Monday and Douglas will be calling their referendum within the next few days.