Time away from the office is meant to be enjoyed, but for some executives, the mounds of work they come back to may make them feel like they need, well, a vacation.

One in three advertising and marketing executives polled by The Creative Group said they enjoy breaks from the job but dread the work awaiting their return. Another 10 per cent said they prevent this scenario by rarely taking vacations.

Advertising and marketing executives were asked, “Which of the following statements most closely resembles your views on taking time off for vacation?”

“Most professionals recognize the value of taking vacations, but the downside for many is returning to a considerable backlog of projects,” said Megan Slabinski, executive director of The Creative Group. “This may be particularly true right now, as some companies are operating with lean teams due to tighter budgets.”

Slabinski noted that vacations can be an opportunity to task capable staff with new responsibilities. “High-potential employees who are being considered for management roles may welcome the chance to prove themselves while their supervisors are away,” she said. “The key is to set up these individuals for success. Executives must ensure their second-in-command understands the resources available and has a good framework for making decisions.”

Vacation tips
The Creative Group offers three additional tips for ensuring smooth vacations:
>> Use out-of-office functions. Leave outgoing messages on your e-mail and voicemail to let others know you are away and who to contact in your absence.
>> Set boundaries. Clearly communicate if and when you want to be contacted about business matters while you’re away.
>> Bring in reinforcements. Hire freelancers to augment your team during staff vacations.