Re: "Skilled trades shortage looms," Feb. 20:

As the mother of two fine young men, one who will be completing his 5th year plumbing apprenticeship next month and the other a commercial roofer, I am appalled by people who look with disgust at my son covered in tar and dirt after fixing the leaky roof on the 11th floor of a reputable hospital in Toronto.

Our society needs to encourage young people to pursue trades, something that we all need at one time or another, and stop looking down at these workers as somehow inferior.


It takes intelligence, a good work ethic and great customer service skills to be in any trade industry. I have always encouraged them to pursue whatever career gives them satisfaction and I support their decisions to be in an industry that is not recognized as being "prestigious."

There should never be any shame in putting in an honest days work, at an honest job done by decent and hardworking people.

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