Meteorologists are calling it the worst April storm ever in Edmonton, but the good news is that the clouds are lifting and the winds are shifting.
“The end is in sight,” said Dan Kulak, a meteorologist with Environment Canada. “This is going to die soon.”
Kulak said it’s not unusual for Edmonton to receive snow in April and even May, but it is rare for storms to last three days. So far, Edmonton has received 35 cm of snow, with freezing temperatures and gusting winds creating January-like conditions.
“Usually when we get a snow dump in April or May it will only last a day, but this [storm] is a result of something we call a ‘cold-low,’ which usually lasts a few days but is extremely rare for this time of year,” Kulak said.
“It will be a slow process to get back to normal temperatures, which are around 14C for a daytime high, but we’re past the worst of it and should be back to normal by next week,” Kulak added.

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