A climate-change agreement between Canada and the United States must include reductions in greenhouse gas emissions at levels that work for Alberta’s economy, said Premier Ed Stelmach yesterday.

“We want to see reductions in greenhouse gas emissions through investment and technology,” said Stelmach about Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s planned meeting with President Barack Obama tomorrow.

“We don’t want to be shouldering all of the burden as Albertans because we only have a small population of three and a half million people.”

Stelmach also says he has concerns over American protectionism by decision makers in the U.S. over the economic stimulus package.

And after talking with Harper last week, Stelmach said the prime minister has promised to make it an issue during the meeting.

“Let’s face it, the president needs affordable energy to create jobs and putting in a long-term solution to the issues,” said Stelmach.

When Obama visits Ottawa tomorrow, it’s expected energy will be a key topic in his talks with Harper, who often touts Canada as an emerging energy superpower due to its massive oilsands resources in Alberta.

The Obama administration has been mum so far on what official stance the president will take on Alberta’s oilsands.