Look out Riyadh and step aside Houston — Calgary’s looking to eclipse your domination of the energy world.

With a goal to become the world’s energy sector hub, Calgary Economic Development unveiled its 2008 Report to the Community at a packed luncheon at the Telus Convention Centre yesterday.

“Things have slowed down a bit, but it has become more manageable, it’s a more mature economy,” said CED president and CEO Bruce Graham.


“I believe (this) is the most forward-thinking economic development strategy ever released in Canada.”
Bruce said Calgary led the nation with a 3.4 per cent jump in GDP in 2007 while unemployment rates fell to 3.2 per cent and building permits spiked by 18 per cent from 2006 figures — all factors which will allow the city to strengthen itself globally.

With a four-pronged approach to increased development, the plan, themed Greater Than, focuses on continued community development, increased business collaboration and extending reach beyond Canada.

Bruce said the intention is to “position Calgary as the global leader in all things energy,” dispelling myths the city divert from traditional strength to diversify economically.

Mayor Dave Bronconnier said “greater than” isn’t just a catch-phrase, it will become the city’s mantra.
“In the future, we don’t just want to survive, we want to thrive,” he said.

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