Sports can be much like math homework when kids surpass their parents’ ability and Mom or Dad need to look for other sources to challenge their talented child’s skills.

There are numerous sports camps available in Calgary to take a child to the next level, whether that’s learning how to play a new sport or improving upon his or her existing knowledge.

“I credit all the skills I have for basketball and volleyball to the camps I went to when I was younger,” says Eric Kerkhoven the University of Calgary’s Dinos summer sports camp co-ordinator.

Kerkhoven prides the camps the Dinos run — football, basketball, soccer, volleyball, hockey — on the quality coaching staff. Each one is a coach of a U of C varsity sports team.

Mount Royal University offers basketball, hockey, soccer and volleyball camps for various ages.

Active for Life summer camps at the Talisman Centre include swimming, basketball, ultimate frisbee, soccer, flag football, bocce ball, and floor hockey for kids of all ages.

Sportball is a non-competitive sports program where children from 16 months to eight years old are taken through the fundamentals of seven different ball sports — hockey, soccer, basketball, baseball, volleyball, tennis and golf — to focus on movement while building on social skills and self esteem.