The Social


1100 Queen St. W.




Ambience: The Social can be compared to its neighbour The Drake — located just a few doors down — in several ways. Although it’s slightly less eclectic both in clientele and theme, as well as slightly less polished, it still manages to draw a very interesting group of people. That’s no surprise with themed nights featuring music ranging from old school hip hop, to new wave, to ’80s rock. Where the ultra-hip Drake thrives on a slightly more mature, often business and typically indie-rock friendly crowd, The space is well-designed for doing the socializing that’s given the venue its name.

Crowd: Again, younger than The Drake, but still very much an in-the-know clientele. The artsy crowd isn’t nearly as pretentious as what you’d find at other venues in the area. Also, expect a wilder night with most people gravitating to the dance floor as soon when the first good set beckons.

Dress code: Anything goes, but most venture here looking to showcase their own unique sartorial style — it’s Queen West so that includes a wide spectrum of fashion choices. Stylish jeans are always a good fit.

Should I dance on the bar?: When the DJ drops a Queen track and follows with Iron Maiden, how could you not?

Will I get lucky?: You really stand a chance, especially if you can rock out to virtually any type of ’80s rock on a Friday night.

Best accessory: Ironic T-shirts are still in play here so wear with pride.

Cocktail du jour: Beer, mixed drinks and shots are the beverages of choice. Keep it simple and hydrate — it gets hot on the dance floor during the summer months.

Hours: Open Monday, Wednesday through Saturday, 8 p.m. to 3 a.m.