Does clutter–free living really exist? Well in my world it did — for three weeks. The kids were off to sleepover camp, the dog was at doggie day care and the house was spotless. I never ate a meal at home; in fact I was rarely home. So clutter-free living does exist if you don’t actually live in your space much.


But back in the real world, I try to be practical and aim for a low-maintenance home. It’s easy once you get the hang of it. You have to be disciplined, not too sentimental and follow a few rules:


  • Whatever comes in the door has to be dealt with within the first hour.

  • Have a home and a place for every item, plus growing room.

  • Whoever you live with has to get with the program.

  • Keepsakes must be kept to a minimum and stored.

  • Every week, pick an area of the home that has to be decluttered, i.e. a magazine collection, closet or junk drawer.

  • Sort your clothes as you undress for the night, with your laundry basket close at hand. Re-hang items in the closet, not on a chair, and have a bag for repairs or dry cleaning ready to go.

  • Only keep papers you absolutely need.

  • Dishes have to be cleaned immediately after cooking and or eating.

  • Beds must be made every morning.

  • Before you leave for the day, walk around and tidy up all loose ends.

This might seem like a lot of work for a low-maintenance home, but it’s not. And the outcome is wonderful:


  • You’ll be ready for company anytime.

  • You know where everything is.

  • Everyone pulls his or her weight around the home, living in harmony.

  • You have a special box filled with your mementos in a safe place.

  • Cleaning and organizing doesn’t overwhelm you because you never have big projects to do.

  • Getting dressed in the morning is easy.

  • Making meals is a pleasure, as the counters are always clear for preparing food.

  • You’ll get to jump into a freshly made bed at the end of long day.

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