Enmax is accepting blame for a southwest apartment electrical surge and is offering up to $3,000 to residents who lost electrical equipment and appliances.

Enmax CEO Gary Holden said the wrong transformer was installed over the weekend and the extra power caused electrical appliances, sockets and light bulbs to explode early Sunday morning at the 15-storey Mayfair Place.

“One of the transformers that was replaced was oversized and it let through a higher voltage than it should have,” he said, adding they are investigating how it happened.

“Our concern is to get the equipment back and running and all of the people here back into their residences, and we want to ensure they don’t incur any out-of-pocket expenses.”

Meanwhile, it could be several more days before more than 300 residents will be allowed back into their homes, according to Ken Uzeloc, acting director of the Calgary Emergency Management Agency.

“They will have to go breaker by breaker and suite by suite ... for any possible damage that may have been done or any problems with the system,” Uzeloc said.

Uzeloc said while there were no actual fires caused by the surge, there was a lot of smoke and electrical damage.

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