Pre-thinking your renovation and answering a few questions before the sledgehammer arrives will help save time, money and most of all headaches. Here’s just a few of my pointers to help you if you are about to take on a renovation in your space.

Kitchen: Questions to ask yourself: Is the current layout working well? Is there anything missing from the current kitchen that you want (like a wall oven, built-in dishwasher or an island)? Are there any considerations to renovating like a busy family life, condo board restrictions or structural concerns? What is the best budget and timeframe for you?

Hidden costs: Re-routing pipes, old wiring that needs updating, floors that need strengthening, plumbing that needs upgrading. These are things that you only discover once the job had been started and walls/floors get opened up and exposed.

Designer tip: Keeping a simple design in mind for your kitchen will give it longevity. Here’s two simple rules: Match the colour of the backsplash to the colour of cupboards you have chosen (creamy cabinets equals pale limestone or off-white backsplash tiles); match the tone/colouring of your countertop to the appliances (stainless steel appliances=medium to dark toned countertops).

Bedroom: Questions to ask yourself: Is there enough closet/storage space? Is there a focal wall that will fit the bed and two ends tables comfortably? Do you want a television, stereo speakers or a computer wired in the bedroom?


Hidden costs: Outfitting existing closets to be more efficient, privacy treatments on windows, new lighting or audio/visual equipment.

Designer tip: Are you a Cave or Cloud person? If you like to wake up in a dark room then you are a Cave person. Decorate your room with dark wood tones, richer wall and fabric colours and choose heavier draperies. If you are a Cloud person, then you need to wake up to some daylight streaming into the bedroom; decorate your room with lighter window treatments and lighter/brighter colours and tones.

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