Educators today have gotten better at teaching students about Canadian history, a military veteran who served during the Cold War said at the Canadian War Museum Thursday.

“Over the last few years, they’ve done a lot to talk about World War I, World War II in the school curriculum,” said Bill Campbell, who served with the mechanical and electrical engineers in Canada’s NATO brigade in northern Germany.

That education continued Thursday as war veterans and high school students gathered at the war museum to share stories and outlooks during the Look to the Future of Remembrance conference.

“They bring kids by the busload here and take them through the museum. This museum is a wonderful addition to our educational landscape because it’s not just about war ... Canada’s history is right here in this museum.”

Media personality Peter Mansbridge was the keynote speaker of the conference and shared his stories about attending reunions with Second World War veterans in the Netherlands over the years.

“They’ve never forgotten; nor should we,” said Mansbridge.

Ian Lockhart, a senior student from John McCrae Secondary School, told the crowd of about 200 people that “it is up to the youth” to help other generations remember and understand the memories of our veterans.