The 2010 Calgary International Auto & Truck Show has a lot in store for high-end, exotic car lovers.

“We’re absolutely excited about the different Lamborghinis and Lotuses coming in,” says Jim Gillespie executive manager for the Calgary Motor Dealers Association (CMDA).

Another person involved in the show who is equally excited would be Andrew Baker, sales associate for Bentley Calgary who also sells and represents Aston Martin and Spyker models.

He says, “We have the biggest booth that we’ve ever had and the most cars on display that we’ve ever had.”

At noon on Saturday, the new and exclusive Bentley Mulsanne will be unveiled for its one and only appearance in Canada.

“It’s a pre-production show car and we’re very fortunate to have got it,” says Baker, adding it’s the only one right now in North America.

He’s also happy about getting the only new Aston Martin Rapide model in existence for the length of the entire show. He says out of the 10 cars his booth will have on display, six are new models.

Ferrari Maserati of Alberta’s vice president, Carlo Galasso says, “The show is important because it gives the potential buyer an opportunity to get to know the cars for the first time.”

Galasso admits it’s tragic that this year’s new Ferrari model, the 458, will not be at the show. “It’s the pinnacle of cars.” It’s fast and fabulous, he explains, with only a couple thousand being made for the world right now yet there’s a demand of about 15,000. Due to the high demand, Calgary was unable to get a show model.

“Anytime Ferrari launches a new car, the world pays attention.”

Both Baker and Galasso have seen a strong start to sales in 2010 with a loyal, niche customer base in Calgary and some in Edmonton.

A wider market is exposed to the exotics at the show with some cars absent of dealers in Calgary. “The car shows are great because they get our product out to the general public,” Baker says.

Depending on the exhibitors, show attendees may get the chance to sit in some fabulous cars. Others fence off their cars to give a fair view for everyone.

A few cars lined up for the show include, Ferrari California, Bentley Mulsanne, Lotus Exige, Spyker C8 SWB Spyder and Mercedes-Benz 2011 SLS AMG.

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