Congratulations, you have just been hired at your dream company. It might not be the position you thought you would be offered but it is at least a foot in the door. Most new graduates find themselves feeling defeated and frustrated as they accept a position that may not be challenging or personally fulfilling. Maxim Gorky once said, “When work is a pleasure, life is joy! When work is a duty, life is slavery.” So how can you enjoy your job and make the most of your entry-level position?

Here are five ways to love your current job:

1. Meet people

Get to know people in your company whether in your current department or in other areas of the company. This will make you feel included and will keep you in the loop in regards to further opportunities that may become available. As a new employee, don’t be afraid to introduce yourself or ask others to take you around to meet people. Go for lunch with your team members, talk with people and ask for advice. Learn from them and appreciate their knowledge — after all, they have been working in that company longer than you.


2. Get involved

If you find your tasks boring, volunteer on committees or offer to work on new projects or assignments. Your eagerness to help may be an opportunity to showcase your skills and connect you with influential people in more senior roles.

3. Attend training

Whenever possible attend conferences and seminars. This may re-energize you and provide great tips or ideas that you can implement on the job. It is good to change your routine.

4. Remember, it’s just a job

A job is something you do, it does not define who you are as a person. You know you can take on more responsibilities, just be patient and always work to your full potential.

5. Stay positive

It will be difficult to convince management that you are the right person for a senior job if you are negative and/or bitter. Enjoy your duties and take pride in a job well done. It will only be a matter of time before your hard work will pay off.

Tracy Rogers is the Career Services Co-ordinator for Seneca College, Seneca@York Campus.

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