Instead of the usual men and women in business attire walking the lobby at city hall there were thousands of school children packing the atrium.

The city kicked off its 20th Annual Mayor’s Environment Expo yesterday, which features over 60 interactive exhibits promoting greener living.

“Some 6,000 students will be coming through city hall over the next three days,” said Mayor Dave Bronconnier. “All in celebration of bringing together education, environmental practices, learning from one another, enhancing our knowledge base and doing what we all know is important protecting our environment.”

Having to deal with diversity in the environment is also another key concern especially today more than ever, said Bronconnier.

Former mayor Al Duerr started this event 20 years ago and he hoped at that time it would be a sustained event.

“At that point in time the environment was not at the forefront,” said Duerr. “But we still felt it was important to bring together one event that would unite the community and get all the players together to share.”