Re: "Toronto’s taxis not hybrid-ready: Moscoe," May 23:


Just as I was feeling some hope after reading in Metro that NYC is converting its entire taxi fleet to hybrids, I turned the page to see Toronto City Councillor Howard Moscoe saying he "doesn’t want to force cab drivers to turn over their cars for more expensive hybrids, even if cleaner-running taxis would help the environment."


Never mind that he doesn’t mention how taxi drivers, with all their idling and stop-and-go driving, are ideally suited to save gas money with hybrids.


The really scary part is that Moscoe refers to the "environment" as some kind of separate entity that doesn’t affect our well-being.


Replace the word "environment" with the more accurate phrase "the health of you and your loved ones" and you get a clearer picture of how little Mr. Moscoe cares for the people who elected him.

It’s enough to make you sick.