The Ecology Action Centre is calling Halifax regional council’s decision to put the cap on bottled water by banning the purchase and distribution of bottled water in the Grand Parade building “an important first step.”


During the regular council meeting Tuesday night, 15 councillors voted in favour of this motion while five were opposed. Coun. Jennifer Waters, who represents the Connaught-Quinpool district, brought forward the motion.


The successful vote means the Halifax Regional Municipality joins 69 municipalities in eight provinces and one territory that have a similar bottled water ban.


“Halifax’s decision to ban the bottle and turn on the tap is an important first step and a clear indication that bottled water’s 15 minutes are up,” Jocelyne Rankin of EAC said in a release.

“While Halifax didn’t go far enough by taking the bottle out of all HRM facilities, today’s vote is a sign that we’re moving in the right direction.”