Award-winning dog is an easy label for some, but police dog Flint comes by his honours honestly.

EPS canine team police service dog Flint and Const. Bart Lawczynski participated in the annual Canadian Police Canine Association Dog Trials in Prince Albert, Sask. PSD Flint took home four of seven first-place awards this year, as well as earning the title “Top Dog.”

Lawczynski has been his handler for the full three years Flint has been in service.

“This entails a very loyal and devoted friendship, one you probably can’t get from a human,” said Lawczynski. “We basically work the street together. He lives at home with me. We just ride around and protect the community.”

This is the first competition Flint has competed in and most of the daily exercises the team runs together are included in the event.

“We have 12 active dogs and handlers,” said Canine Unit Sgt. Tom Pallas. “We’re very proud of him, and our other members. The guys put in countless hours to put the training and the time into these dogs.”