Some members of the Edmonton Eskimos found themselves playing like kids during the Boys and Girls Clubs Activity Day.

The McCauley Boys and Girls Club hosted an afternoon of fun for youngsters on Thursday, with activities ranging from crafts to dodgeball. However, the highlights seemed to be snacks and the Edmonton Eskimo players.

Organizers saw it as natural to pair the footballers with the McCauley club and hope this initial Activity Day will lead to future co-operation.

“Being so close and (with) a lot of the players being from Boys and Girls Clubs of America, we thought it might be a natural partnership for them to hop over and just spend some time with our kids — talk to them about the importance of school, play some games with them, sign some autographs,” said Stephen Kufske, the communications manager for the club.

For Mercedes Kidd, who attends the Boys and Girls Clubs, the whole day was a blast, but the best part of it was playing with the Eskimos.

“They’re my favourite players. I love football,” said Kidd. “It’s fun for me to meet some Eskimos.”

Providing positive role models for youth is an important part of what Boys and Girls Club does. David Prodan, McCauley club co-ordinator, said he thinks the players fit the mould.

“They are here to be positive role models and the kids are really excited to see them — most of them are big fans,” said Prodan.

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