After a season-ending defeat on Sunday, the Edmonton Eskimos returned to Commonwealth Stadium yesterday to reflect on their mistakes. In the CFL’s West Division semi-final, the Eskies came up short against the Calgary Stampeders, losing 24-21.

Milling around the locker room while filling garbage bags with their belongings, the players were subdued yet optimistic about next season.

“Anytime you lose you look on all the plays you wish could have connected on,” said quarterback Ricky Ray. “It’s easy to kind of beat yourself up after a loss and look at all the areas you could have done better but we just came up short.”

Both players and coaches agreed that a shaky offence was the culprit behind the Eskies’ ultimate defeat.

The mid-season dismissal of offensive coach Rick Warmon was credited for the inconsistent offensive strategy.

“I think the thing that was consistent about our offence was our inconsistency,” said head coach Richie Hall. “Whether it was early in the year or whether it was late in the year, we seemed to kind of be on a roller-coaster.”

While singing strains of the Motown classic “Baby Love,” linebacker Maurice
Lloyd shared his thoughts about his first season with the Eskimos.

“We are leaving here with smiles on our face because we are looking forward to next year,” said Lloyd.