Aside from the unusually large media contingent at the Eskimos’ office yesterday, head coach Richie Hall said he’s treating the bye-week break as if it were business as usual.

This despite his football team’s 1-6 record and its loss to the Calgary Stampeders on Sunday night.

“We’re reassessing our team,” Hall said about his plans for the break. “How do we go forward, what are our shortcomings and how do we get better?”

Hall said he told his players to take a couple of days off and get away from football this week.

“Spend time with their families, relax, do whatever they like doing,” he said. “But prior to coming back make sure they take an opportunity to sit there and think about what kind of player they want to be and what kind of team we want to be.”

The Eskimos are off to their worst start in more than 40 years but Hall said his team isn’t quitting.

“You like to think that no one is quitting on anyone,” he said. “The reality is we’re 1-6 but we’re also one game out of a playoff spot. We still have an opportunity to salvage the season.”