Langano Skies Ethiopian Restaurant
9920 Whyte Ave.

Rating: ****
Dinner for two: $60
Signature Dish: Anything served on injera
Signature Drink: Ethiopian Caesar ($6.50)

Let’s skip the tired old jokes: Yes, there is food in Ethiopia.


Its delicately spiced, communal dishes are served on a sourdough pancake called injera. I ripped strips of the combination side dish-platter-napkin and pinched bite-sized morsels of spicy beef Kaey Wot ($13), grilled chicken Doro Tibs ($15) and filling curried Atekilt Aletcha Wot ($10) into my maw.


Our helpful server guided us through the mystifying menu. We filled the 45-minute wait for our dinner with some delicious samosa-like sambusas ($2.50 each) and I lost my struggle to resist tasting my Ethiopian Caesar ($6.50) before our meal was served. The mitmita rim of red pepper, salt and cardamom was a pleasant addition.


We dove in as soon as our platter arrived, accompanied by a stack of neatly-rolled injera. I tore and pinched at the amazing food until I simply ran out of room. Our server packed up the remainder, as well as the serving injera, which was now soaked with the flavours of all the dishes that had rested on top. That was one killer lunch the next day.


There are some Western-friendly options on the menu, but I was thrilled with my unusual experience. Langano Skies reveals a little slice of northern Africa that many Edmontonians never get the chance to visit.

This unexpected March warmth has turned my thoughts to Edmonton’s finest summer patios. I can’t wait to visit the Secret Garden behind the Dish and Runaway Spoon, hoist a Guinness on top of the Black Dog or take in the best river valley view in the city at the Marriott’s Riverside Bistro. Anyone else have favourites? Drop us a line at

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