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Europeans fulfill stereotypes, suggest U.S. shouldn't have killed bin Laden

"You should have arrested him instead," they undoubtedly said while wearing all black and smoking a cigarette, while holding a latte in one hand and a Camus paperback in the other. 

If you're American, you've probably been at least a little happy about the news of Osama bin Laden's death, even if you are uncomfortable with the spectacle of ecstatic celebrations. But if you're European, you've got a different story.

From Reuters:

In Brussels, European Union Home Affairs Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom wrote in a blog: "It would have been preferred to see Osama bin Laden before a court."

In Italy, former prime minister Massimo D'Alema, from the centre-left opposition, said: "You don't rejoice at the death of a man. Maybe if bin Laden had been captured and put on trial it would have been an even more significant victory."

That view was echoed in several newspaper editorials.

"We Europeans would have preferred bin Laden to be captured and tried because executions are contrary to our culture. Yet America -- where the death penalty is in force -- needed to strike the man who struck it so heavily," said the left-leaning La Republica daily.

And that, friends, is why Europeans no longer rule the world. Metro is as uncomfortable with the drunken rah-rah "U-S-A!" chants as anyone, but even we are fairly sure that it would not have been a victory to put Osama bin Laden on trial. It just wouldn't have felt right — and America, well, we are a country that does what feel right.

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