Find work faster than others, new study finds

Recent immigrants from Europe have an edge over all other newcomer groups in obtaining employment and their lead persists over time, a new Statistics Canada study has found.

The report, released yesterday, found that only 8.4 per cent of newcomers from Europe who arrived here between 2001 and 2005 were unemployed in 2006, a rate that more than doubled to 20.8 per cent for those arriving from African countries during the same period.


European newcomers also fared better than those from Latin America, whose unemployment rate was 10.5 per cent, and from Asia, which was 11.1 per cent.

Although each group managed to close the gap over time with their Canadian-born peers who enjoyed a 4.9 per cent unemployment rate, European immigrants continued to have an advantage.

The study looked at unemployment rates in 2006.


  • European immigrants in Canada 10 years or more had a 4 per cent unemployment rate and continued to outperform peers from Asia (5.5 per cent), Latin America (6.1 per cent) and Africa (7.6 per cent).

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