More than 10,000 people converged on the Mayfield Inn Trade Centre this weekend for the fifth annual Edmonton Health & Wellness Show.

From tips on maintaining a nutritious diet to the latest in alternative medicine, almost 200 exhibitors had suggestions on health and fitness.

Lewis Reid was showcasing Ionic Feats, a foot bath meant to expel toxic substances that have been absorbed into the body from the environment.


“The food we eat, the water we drink, and the air we breathe is full of chemicals and toxins that are plugging our body to the point that our body can’t work anymore — our glands and organs are plugged so they really can’t do their job anymore, and that’s why we’re sick,” Reid said.

While he emphasized that he was not a doctor and could not diagnose specific illnesses, Reid said his product speaks for itself.

When a person sinks their feet into the foot bath, the water is clear, but 30 minutes later the water is a dark shade of brown — a sign, he said, that toxins have been removed from the body.

Meanwhile, Roberta Brencic was promoting her teeth whitening business, Incredible Smiles Inc., which she runs out of Edmonton.

The technology, which was developed in Belgium, combines LED light rays with a peroxide gel.
“We take an impression of your teeth, and then we fill it with gel, and then we put you under an LED light for 12 minutes,” she explained.

The treatment can lighten teeth between three to eight shades, according to Brencic.

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